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.: Rosenblade Academy :.

For Those With Time to Spare

Rosenblade Academy
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Accepting Applications


Rosenblade Academy lays nestled in a sleepy burgh, set against a bustling cityscape-- a veritable lily among thorns. Students lead a life of privelege, housed in spacious dormitories. Classes end at noon each day, affording ample time for leisure.

In short, an existence that commoners can only dream of.

But the institution is not without fault. Gross indecencies run amok, all the while political strife threatens to tear the campus in two.

Still, Rosenblade stands strong. But will such remain the case? The year kicks off, with promise of trouble to come.


1. Respect both the staff and your fellow members. You are not your character, and are therefore not required to be a total delinquent.

2. Kindly report any and all rule-breaking to either a moderator or myself, and do not attempt to take matters into your own hands.

3. The unlawful control of another’s character—as in, without their express permission—is strictly forbidden.

4. Please be sure to type in proper paragraph format; this includes the correct usage of capitalization, grammar, and punctuation. Your posts should contain minimal typos and spelling errors.

5. Direct all inappropriate content to under a heavily-labeled cut.

6. Romance of all kinds is permitted here, provided that rule number five is adhered to.

7. You are expected to keep your characters as in-character as possible. Any drastic change in personality must be extensively compensated for in the realm of character development.


Read the rules and decided on your character?
Then you're ready to apply.

Once you've been accepted, create a character journal.
Have it join both rosenblade and rosenblade_ooc

An easy friend's add awaits you here.


Administrator: fl0rida
Moderators: yhaythar & baked_miwa